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We speak and sing God's Word!
We do a variety of programs for camp meetings, weekend seminars, church services, women's retreats, etc.  We can custom make a program for your needs.

We do not charge for our programs - we simple use our God-given talents for His glory.
We do not charge, but donations are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible.

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"The Midnight Cry!"

Journey with us as we travel through the 1800's with inspiring stories of Early Adventist Pioneers.  See how God is a personal friend and faithfully guides us as we seek Him. Be inspired to personally study the scriptures and daily walk with Jesus.  Be reminded: Christ is indeed returning to take us home soon!  The Cry still rings loud and clear today!  Just when we feel like giving up, Just when we feel like Jesus is never going to come, we hear the trumpet sound, we look up, and BEHOLD!  Jesus, coming in the clouds to take us home!   Includes songs such as "Just a Little Talk With Jesus," "I Come to the Garden," "Oh Glorious Love," "I Have Fixed My Mind," and "The Midnight Cry!"


"Growing in Christ"

  Join us as we share through personal testimony and 'ol time gospel songs how our loving Savior has persistently pursued us.  Embark with us as we journey through the steps Christ has led us through to find a deep and personal relationship with Him.  This program includes a lot of violin fiddlin' and trumpet.  Songs include "The Holy City," "Power in the Blood," "Are You Washed in the Blood?" "Love Lifted Me," and "Victory in Jesus"   


"Faith is the Victory!"

  Join us as we share through personal testimony, beloved scripture, and inspiring songs, the power of faith in the Christian life.  We will discover precious jewels of promise in God's scripture: jewels full of power.  When God said, "Let there be light!"  There was light with the creative power of His Word alone.  And now, by faith, God, through His power, knocks on the door of our hearts, desiring to come in, dwell within us, and create in us new creatures.  He wants to write His law upon our hearts and minds so we love Him and His law.  Discover the power God is waiting to give those who will let Him in.   "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus." 

Revelation 14:12

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